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10 of the Best-Paying Specialty Jobs for Nurses

By: James Cummings

Nursing is a versatile profession with a wide range of specialties for nurses to build their careers. Providing health care services should be done with compassion, nobility, humility and the ability to handle any responsibility assigned to you as a nurse. However, you also need to get payment for the services you render.

If you're thinking of what aspect of healthcare to start a career and earn some good money, here are 25 of the best-paying specialty jobs for nurses to help you decide on the right path to take.

  1. Travel Nurse

If you enjoy traveling and you wouldn't mind moving from city to city providing health care services to medical facilities and even homes, then a travel nurse is the ideal job for you. P.K. Scheerle, RN, CEO of Gifted Health Care - a nursing service provider - said "being a travel nurse means meeting new patients every time. Besides getting paid, you also learn a lot about different cultures, people and health issues. If you don't mind switching jobs often, then it's an amazing way to gain experience - and knowledge."

All you need basically is a nursing degree (BSN), a license and two years of experience in at least 1 medical facility. Salary scale: $65,000 - $75,000 per annum + benefits and allowances.

  1. Nursing Administrator

Being a nursing administrator involves recruiting, hiring, and training staff. If you're business savvy and you can manage human resources, support services and other administrative aspects of a medical facility or health care institution, then this is the right specialty for you.

A year experience and a BSN is enough to land you the job. Salary scale: $75,000 - $105,000 per annum.

Nursing administrators provide management support and specialized

  1. Diabetes Nurse

A diabetes nurse provides information about nutrition and body fitness to help patients with diabetes manage their health better. They also educate those without the problem, on how to prevent it altogether.

With a Master of Science (MSN) degree in nursing, a few years of experience in medical facility that specialises in management of diabetes, and a valid license, you qualify for the job. However, be ready to put in about 500 hours of working time if you wish to earn $70,000 to $80,000 per annum.

  1. Family Nurse

Family nurses provide basic health care treatment and advice to a particular individual or set of people - for the rest of their lives. "As a practitioner, it takes compassion, articulation and some form of loyalty to be a family nurse. You have to remember the family member's health history every time they have a medical condition. Ensure you examine them properly, give prescriptions and never divulge such information to anyone," Scheerle advised aspiring family nurses.

With an MSN or even a BSN, you can earn as much as $95,600 a year.

  1. Surgical Nurse

Medical surgeries are not performed by surgeons alone. Surgical nurses assist the doctors during the procedures, care and monitor the subsequent health status of the patients. They also help administer medications and therapy. Some serve as nurse anesthetist during surgery.

You need possess at least 2 years of experience in a surgical facility, pass the necessary exams and get a valid license. Salary Scale: $72,000 - $81,000 per annum. If you double as an anesthetist, you can earn more than $150,000 a year - and you also need to upgrade to an MSN.

  1. Nurse Midwife

If you love babies and wouldn't mind delivering them, this job is ideal for you. Nurse midwives also cater for the health care of mothers and their babies - before, during and after the birth of the child. Asides prenatal care, postnatal care and gynecological examinations, they further provide information on family planning.

With an MSN and a special program in midwifery, you can earn between $74,000 and $85,000 per annum from this job.

  1. Nursing Educator or Lecturer


If you have a passion for teaching, combining nursing services and education will not be a bad idea. You can create and design curriculums for lectures at schools or evaluate and implement educative health care projects.

With an MSN or doctoral degree in nursing, you can earn between $65,000 and $80,000.

  1. Nurse Researcher

Being a nurse researcher involves writing reports in order to improve healthcare and medical services in a country or community. You need to understand how analytic findings work in the health sector - if you wish to take this career path.

An MSN gives you a better chance of landing this job - as compared to those with a BSN. There are programs you can run online to acquire more knowledge and certifications. Salary scale: $87,000 - $111,000 per annum.

  1. Nurse Attorney

There's a high demand for nurse attorneys because of the increase in health-related insurance claims. Law firms and hospitals that have a legal department also hire the services of these nurses.

All you need is a license, a BSN and a degree or diploma in law - depending on the employer. Salary scale: $110,000 - $130,000 per annum.

Finally, whatever the career path you decide to follow, make sure you are in it to help make the world a better place.