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7 Most Common Interview Questions

You’ve spent hours and hours over the course of several weeks sending out the best resume, complete with a personalized cover letter for each job, and you mostly hear nothing. Crickets ... Read More

Using Niche Job Boards Net Bigger Benefits Opposed to Larger Job Boards

Niche job boards certainly serve up a variety of benefits. Hiring managers can target the best candidates, and job seekers can find the best fit for their professional goals. ... Read More

Women in Tech Championing the Cause for IT Women

It’s not news anymore there are relatively few women in IT, and when you find them they do not always command the same level of respect as their male counterparts. Some of the evidence lies in the disparity between the salaries ... Read More

Strategies Aimed at Advancing More Women into The Tech Industry

Across the technology industry, it is no news that there is an imbalance in the number of men and women, especially in the initial stages of their career. According to research, women occupy about 57% of occupations in the workplace, but when it comes to computing professions, ... Read More

Navigating Your Way Through the Daunting Job Market as a Person Living with a Disability

It is hard enough to find a job with the limited positions and massive competition, and it's even harder when you have a disability. The 2012 Census Bureau report indicates that compared to 79% of non-disabled persons between the ages of 21 and 64 who were employed, only 41% of persons living with disabilities within the same age group were employed. ... Read More

Study: Whopping 93% Say They're More Productive Working Remotely

Are you more productive out of the office? If so, you're on trend ... Read More