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Career Women Share Work/Life Balance Tips

What do satisfied working women know about work/life balance that the rest of us can learn from? CareerWomen.com has identified five top strategies based on advice from their viewers.

  1. Budget your time both in and out of the office - Schedule your time efficiently at work. Put yourself on your calendar and take some time for you and your family/friends.
  2. Leave work on time at least three days per week - There are times when working late just can't be helped, but schedule your time to leave on time three days per week.
  3. Control interruptions and distractions - Stay focused while in the office, and budget your time effectively. Try to schedule a block of time during the day without meetings when you can focus on your tasks with minimal interruptions.
  4. Explore the availability of flex-time - Research flex-time options within your organization. If available, it may be a helpful solution.
  5. Seize the weekend - Plan your time off as you plan your work week. Schedule activities with family and friends, a weekend trip, or just something fun. Make your time away from work count!

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