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Finding a New Job

"Many people put finding a new job at the top of their New Year's resolutions. This can be tough to follow through given the stress of the holidays, the return to the office and new pressures to meet corporate objectives," said JillXan Donnelly, President of The Career Exposure Network™. "The beginning of February gives potential job seekers the time to get organized, focused and committed to the process of jump starting their search."

The Career Exposure Network™ suggests the following strategies to find all the job possibilities, hidden or not.

  1. Look inside first, then out: Consider an internal job change if your current position is not meeting your career expectations. Leaving your current employer may not always be the best decision, and with the economy picking up, your company may offer new opportunities.
  2. Tailor your resume: It's not "one size fits all" with resumes. Make sure that your resume matches the position and tells the right story about your skills.
  3. Go "niche" vs. broad: While large job boards, want ads and career fairs are useful tools when searching for a job, take advantage of niche sites such as MBACareers.com, CareerWomen.com and DiversitySearch.com.
  4. Find a mentor: A mentor can be a critical relationship to finding the job you want. Women benefit by having mentors from both Mars and Venus. A male mentor can coach negotiation skills as well as offer networking and advancement opportunities, while a female mentor can help with informal fellowship, guidance within the corporation, motivation and encouragement.
  5. Plan for a smooth transition: If you do find a new position, make the transition seamless for your current employer. Clean up messes, offer to train your replacement, be available for questions after your departure and thank your current employer for the experience. Leaving on a positive note will only enhance your future career options.

Top Tips for Searching In a Tight Job Market:

The Career Exposure Network Viewers Report That Career Change Is A Part Of A Successful Professional Life.

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