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Technical Writer, Dev Advocate

Chicago, IL ~ May 14, 2018


(Chicago, IL)

fly.io is an open core, programmable CDN. Developers write JavaScript Edge Applications locally, test them, and deploy across our global network of servers.

We're hiring to improve our publishing! You might want to apply if you enjoy JavaScript and writing for developers. You'll be really good for this role if you can come up with interesting ideas and turn them into finished content. We're remote first, and super flexible, so you hopefully like talking to other people on Slack and getting together with the rest of the company every few months. If you like giving talks and going to conferences, you can do that too (but it's not a requirement)!

Example content:

Salary is is competitive (they require we enter compensation on our posting, but that is not necessarily the bucket), our equity grants are relatively large (up to 2% of the company), and we offer health benefits for US based employees.


Apply: To apply, send an email to jobs@fly.io. Please include a developer focused writing sample, and links to any code you've written.

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