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Facilities Planning and Management Officer

Buffalo, New York ~ October 09, 2018

["1. Develop and annually update a long and short term strategic facilities plan with a corresponding annual budget for review by senior leadership.\r\n2.\tOversee all spaces assigned to the School by serving as the point person for all facilities related issues within the Jacobs School building (e.g. custodial, signage, furnishings, storage, directories, maintenance, emergency actions, code compliances, security, health & safety, etc.). This person will also interact with appropriate individuals at the South Campus, CTRC and any affiliated facilities.\r\n3.\tManage and have available to them, all keys/swipe-cards and/or security passes needed to enter all spaces within the School or unit in case of an emergency and/or for planned visits. The incumbent will be responsible for approving and granting access to facilities within the Jacobs School. The FPMO will work with the Dean, Offices of the Dean and Department Chairs on determining appropriate levels of access.\r\n4. Grant room access as appropriate in a structured and timely manner to ensure maximization of building resources. This person will also work with the appropriate individuals to facilitate and coordinate hosted events by internal and external parties. This will include the scheduling of conference and other room assignments for meetings and other events.\r\n5. Ensure adherence to all space standards and policies set forth by the University and School for the academic, administrative and research portfolios, and that space is assigned in such a way as to advance the mission of the University and School. \r\n6. Help provide effective utilization of space within the School or unit by assisting in the identification of poorly utilized space as well as mismatches (between room design and room use). Help rectify and provide equitable and optimal use of space resources. \r\n7.\tWork with affiliated entities on the reconciliation and payment mechanism of various lease agreements. This will include ensuring that all space assignments are appropriately allocated for usage and cost allocation. The individual will be responsible for negotiating and managing the leased spaces for the School as well as preparing the appropriate payment paperwork. \r\n8. Serve as the point of contact relating to public spaces within the School; including public lobbies, classrooms, directories, common areas, exterior spaces, etc. Work with facilities and others to improve the environment within these areas. \r\n9. Work with Facilities; assist in the enforcement of energy conservation programs and policy, taking actions to reduce University energy costs balanced against occupant comfort. \r\n10. Work with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and/or Accessibility Resources in relationship to accessibility accommodations for staff, including Physical Accessibility, Program Accessibility and Virtual Accessibility. ", "1.\tWork with stakeholders on the management and operations of the Jacobs School core equipment facilities and other service related entities.\r\n2.\tServe as Manager of the Health Science Instrument Shop, the Jacobs School Mailroom, and the Loading Dock facility.\r\n3. Manage the medical waste disposal process and ensure that standards are upheld and appropriate charges are applied across the School.", "1.\tServe as the Jacobs School’s security point of contact. The FPMO will work with Campus Safety and other agencies to ensure that all necessary safety procedures and regulations are complied with and policies and procedures are established and disseminated in a global and timely manner.\r\n2.\tDesignated contact for emergency notifications and coordination, as well as the liaison for emergency planning. Organize and/or participate in any required safety committees for the School/unit. \r\n3.\tServe as the Jacobs School Fire Marshall.\r\n4. Serve as liaison for the Jacobs School with the University’s Office of Environment, Health and Safety.\r\n5. Develop and Implement the School's Emergency Preparedness plan", "1. Track and communicate any and all changes in the Physical Space Inventory (PSI) ensuring inventory is current and accurate.\r\n2. Serve as the primary point person for the Jacobs School asset management coordinator and the University. This individual will be responsible for keeping the space inventory and work with the campus on space audits."]

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