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Organizational Change Management Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ June 10, 2019

["•\tSupport change management at the organizational level.\r\n•\tSupport business change initiatives by partnering with VPFA senior leadership to improve our change readiness capability.\r\n•\tDevelop a change management strategy based on a situational awareness of the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change.\r\n•\tProvide change management support to project team, stakeholders, and impacted units.\r\n•\tIdentify, escalate, and develop tactics to address change management issues and/or possible barriers that may impact the successful implementation of the imitative. ", "•\tCollaborate with key stakeholders to ensure proper alignment and communication of change initiatives.\r\n•\tCoach senior leaders and department leaders in helping them fulfill the role of change sponsor.\r\n•\tConsult and coach project teams, key stakeholders, and frontline managers and supervisors as they help staff through transitions.\r\n•\tIdentify resistance and performance gaps, and work to develop and implement training and development initiatives and/or opportunities.\r\n•\tCollaborate with key stakeholders and project managers to integrate business change management activities into the initial project implementation plan.\r\n•\tCreate and enable reinforcement mechanisms and celebrations of success.\r\n•\tSupport the design, development, and delivery of communications related to change initiatives.\r\n•\tDevelop training strategies and provide input and support the design and delivery of any training programs to prepare employees and departments for change initiatives.\r\n", "•\tProvide expertise and best practices to establish customized approaches, methodologies and tools to appropriately support each change initiative.\r\n•\tRecommend strategies and tactics to circumvent adoption obstacles and mitigate risks.\r\n•\tFacilitate cross functional collaboration efforts to ensure effective change adoption."]

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