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Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Affairs

Buffalo, New York ~ June 13, 2019

["Provide leadership and direction within the area of Student-Athlete Academic Services, which entails planning, budgeting, and policy making, and supervision. Oversee all areas of Academic Services area to ensure the academic development of all student-athletes. Insure detailed overview with the Academic Advisor of each team member’s academic performance with particular focus on student-athletes that are academically at-risk. Take initiative to monitor the day-to-day progress of each team member. Prepare and evaluate course progress reports for each at-rick student-athlete with the Academic Advisor. Actively participate in the academic development/success and personal growth of the student-athletes in the department. Take responsibility for assessing every team student-athlete’s semester grade report and its impact on progress toward graduation and NCAA eligibility. Know all NCAA eligibility. Know all NCAA and University rules concerning academic standing and satisfactory progress as they pertain to eligibility.", "Oversee the Academic Advisors and ensure that they are providing up-to-date and accurate academic advisement to assigned team members regarding development of academic program, course choice, application to major, and progress toward degree. Ensure that Academic Advisiors are working having student-athletes communicate with instructors regarding instances when they are unable to attend class for extenuating circumstances, medical or otherwise."]

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