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Content Development Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ September 04, 2019

["a)\tCapture digital assets (video, audio, photo) and develop end-use learning experiences such as online tutorials, event highlight videos, testimonials and educational content templates for faculty use. All created content will support and promote evidence-based and innovative teaching in all types of educational settings such as classroom lecture, online courses and hybrid instruction. \r\nb)\tDocument center events, create slideshows and media content, and organize and tag digital asset collections. Manage assets and share with contributing faculty and staff for use on other media platforms.", "a)\tWrite stories about faculty, staff and alumni for use in press releases, web content and marketing materials in partnership with existing CEI staff.\r\nb)\tProduce video testimonials and stories highlighting innovative UB faculty, alumni and staff.\r\nc)\tDesign marketing and educational materials such as postcards, information sheets, merchandise and posters for use on the web, social media and in print.", "Create and maintain CEI web pages using the UB Content Management System, adhering to all university-wide web accessibility policies and initiatives. Collect and interpret website user data.", "a)\tTrain faculty and staff on the use of two, self-production video studios and assist/consult as needed.\r\nb)\tMaintain mobile and studio production equipment, troubleshoot technical failures and make repair or replacement recommendations when necessary.\r\nc)\tDevelop relationships with content development specialists both on and off-campus to ensure continuous creative support and maintain maximum quality standards.", "a)\tStay current on emerging technologies and trends in the areas of digital media production, media use in education and media delivery.\r\nb)\tGeneral assistance as needed to support the mission of the Center for Educational Innovation."]

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