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Residence Hall Director

Buffalo, New York ~ October 01, 2019

["Paraprofessional Staff\r\n•\tProvide orientation, training, supervision and regular evaluation of approximately 16-24 Resident Advisors. Some hall assignments will also include supervision of other student staff (i.e., College Work Study, Student Assistants).\r\n•\tParticipate in selection of Paraprofessional Staff and Student Assistants\r\n•\tConduct bi-weekly meetings with individual Paraprofessional Staff to develop and review goals/outcomes achieved, discuss issues, recognize contributions, provide and solicit feedback.\r\n•\tAssess skills and development of Paraprofessional Staff while providing experiences, opportunities, and training, which challenge and support their development.\r\n•\tAttend all departmental and divisional training sessions and workshops, as required. This may include planning and facilitating training sessions for the hall and departmental Paraprofessional Staff as a whole.\r\n•\tServe as a facilitator/instructor for the Paraprofessional Staff Leadership Class (if needed).\r\n\r\nGraduate Professional Staff\r\n•\tProvide orientation, training, supervision and regular evaluation of one Graduate Assistant (AHD).\r\n•\tParticipate in the Assistant Hall Director selection process.\r\n•\tConduct weekly individual meetings with Graduate Assistant (AHD) to develop and review goals/outcomes achieved, discuss issues, in-hall programming recognize contributions, provide and solicit feedback.\r\n•\tAssist with creation of Graduate Assistant (AHD) professional development plan.\r\n•\tAssess skills and development of Assistant Hall Director while providing experiences, opportunities, and training that challenge and support their development.\r\n•\tCreate Graduate Assistant (AHD) performance program, conduit mid-year evaluation and end-of-the –year evaluation.\r\n\r\n Staff Supervision of an Office Manager/Clerical Staff Member (Greiner Hall, Governors’ Complex)\r\n•\tProvide orientation, supervision, assist in training and evaluation of one Office Manager\r\n•\tParticipate in the Office Manager selection process.", "•\t Attend various departmental meetings on a weekly/biweekly basis including, but not limited to: \r\n•\tResidential Life meeting/Development session (1 hour weekly) \r\n•\tIn Hall Staff meeting (2 hours weekly) \r\n•\tArea Professional Staff meeting (2 hours weekly) \r\n•\tMeeting with Assistant Director (1 hour weekly) \r\n•\tMeeting with Assistant Hall Director (1 hour weekly)\r\n•\tCommittee meeting (1-2 hours weekly plus homework)\r\n•\tMeetings with paraprofessional staff (6-10 hours weekly) – generally 3x/month, AHD meets 1x/month\r\n\r\n•\tPrepare end of semester and end of year reports in December and May.\r\n\r\n•\tMaintain approximately 15 office hours per week. There is an expectation of general availability during most business hours. Evening commitments such as staff meetings, hall council and program attendance is also expected.\r\n•\tUse computer programs, including by but not limited to, Residential Management Systems (RMS), Microsoft Office Suite, eRezLife, Maxient, OnGuard, EMS, and Campus Labs.\r\n\r\nDepartmental Involvement\r\n•\tParticipate in at least one Residential Life committee.\r\n•\tAttend and participate in all Professional Staff training and Paraprofessional Staff training.\r\n•\tParticipate in and carry out responsibilities as required by the professional staff selection process.\r\n•\tCollaborate with other departmental and university offices such as University Police, Counseling, Student Life, Residential Operations, Residential Facilities or Wellness Education Services.\r\n•\tRepresent the department at various functions such as Nancy Welch Awards, Paraprofessional Extended Training, RHA Association Awards and other events as needed.", "•\tCoordinate staff programming efforts in conjunction with the residential curriculum and community development .\r\n•\tEncourage staff and students in planning and developing programs to meet the diverse needs of the residence hall population.\r\n•\tSupervise the in-hall departmental programming model including program approval, reviewing program proposals, providing program feedback and tracking program requirements.\r\n•\tRegularly attend Paraprofessional Staff programs.\r\n•\tMake programming purchases (shopping with Paraprofessionals Staff members and signing off on food purchases).\r\n•\tManage the programming budget including maintaining a spreadsheet/database, turning in receipts.\r\n•\tUtilize eRezLife Software and UB Linked for program tracking and program advertising.", "•\tAssist in the development, execution and assessment of educational strategies, as a component of the residential curriculum.\r\n•\tConduct outreach to designated students for academic interventions. \r\n•\tFacilitate paraprofessional staff one-on-one meetings with their residents 1-2 times a semesters.\r\n•\tWork with faculty and/or staff to develop community-specific programs/initiatives in Living Learning Communities.\r\n•\tMaintain regular communication with learning community campus partners to ensure programmatic needs are met.\r\n•\tComplete area-wide learning outcome driven programs.\r\n•\tFacilitate programs and training sessions around social justice and inclusive concepts.", "•\tCarry a cell phone provided by the department.\r\n•\tParticipate in the rotating “on-duty’ system for the residential area, responding to emergencies on evenings and weekends.\r\n•\tMaintain a 10-minute radius of the duty area while on-duty.\r\n•\tProvide on-duty coverage, on a rotating basis, during times when the university is closed/classes are not in session, etc. (i.e. Fall Break, Holidays, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Recess).\r\n•\tUse departmental protocol to respond to crisis or emergency situations, which includes providing guidance to Paraprofessional Staff and students.\r\n•\tProvide appropriate post-crisis referrals and follow-up with students and staff.\r\n•\tProfessional Staff On-Duty Commitments\r\n•\tThe RHD will participate in a rotating “on-duty” system for the residential area, which includes responding to emergencies on evenings and weekends. These professional obligations and in addition to the outlined full-time hours per week.\r\n•\tThe RHD will carry a cell phone provided by the department.\r\n•\tMaintain a 10-minute radius of the duty area when on duty.\r\n•\tServe as a resource and referral agent for students and staff with a focus on student success.\r\n•\tAdvise and counsel students in crisis within the residence hall.\r\n•\tDiffuse roommate conflicts.", "•\tServe as the hall’s primary judicial officer to help create a positive community environment in which students learn from their actions and assume responsibility for their actions.\r\n•\tMeet with students in violation of Campus Living rules, adjudicate cases, and sanction students.\r\n•\tMaintain judicial records through effective use of student conduct software (currently Maxient) and accurate student files.\r\n•\tDocument incidents, write judicial reports, correspond effectively with students through appointment and sanction letters.\r\n•\tAssist other halls and offices, including University Police and Judicial Affairs, to investigate and resolve student conduct issues.", "•\tConduct a weekly building walk-through and report on-going facility and safety/security needs.\r\n•\tMaintain a relationship with cleaning staff and maintenance staff including administrative support staff.\r\n•\tWork directly with the Residential Facilities staff to resolve maintenance issues, vandalism and routine maintenance improvements.\r\n•\tWork with custodial and maintenance staff to inspect rooms and determine final billing at the end of the academic year.\r\n•\tConduct inspections of apartments for damages, bill students’ accounts as necessary.\r\n•\tTrain staff on “Show Ready” concept of operations.\r\n•\tBuilding Services (Greiner Hall RHD, Governors Complex Coordinator)\r\n•\tSupervise and develop usage and scheduling procedures for first floor student services areas which include: front desk, multipurpose rooms which serve as classrooms, study and programming spaces and study areas.\r\n•\tPartner with café vendor on programmatic initiatives.\r\n•\tAssist in supervision of outsourced landscaping and snow removal services.\r\n•\tLead Area Team comprised of a Janitor and lead Maintenance Mechanic to address facilities issues.", "•\tProcess student room changes (meeting with students, working with staff in other residence halls). Manage operations of building including room changes using the occupancy management software and databases (currently RMS).\r\n•\tAssist in the opening and closing of the apartments. Oversee securing the building for university vacation periods.\r\n•\tPrepare occupancy reports on an as needed basis.\r\n•\tAssist the Housing Operations office to disseminate information to students and staff about room selection and on-campus housing options"]

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