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Academic Manager

Buffalo, New York ~ November 25, 2019

["• Serve as Academic Manager by providing information on major/minor and University requirements, admissions, etc. Maintain student files, auditing records as needed to ensure requirements are met, waivers are filed and progress toward graduation is consistent. \r\n• Review special requests for requirement waivers and write justification for Dean's Office review with Chair's approval.\r\n• Provide assistance to the Staff Assistant with recruitment efforts. \r\n• Identify avenues for increased enrollment, in consultation with College and University staff. Include staff assistant in events as appropriate.\r\n• As needed, act as liaison with judicial affairs if problems arise in the student population.\r\n• Assist faculty with course information and formatting of new course proposals. Ensure correct format of all new course proposals. \r\n• Create and/or update department undergraduate and graduate student handbooks as needed.\r\n• Update departmental and program information in undergraduate course catalog annually \r\n• Assist with program revisions for graduate and undergraduate programs \r\n•\tAttend college-level meetings relating to the management of academic programs as needed.\r\n•\tAdvise and uphold departmental and university policies to students and faculty \r\n•Assist ATC with course and program fee processing each semester \r\n•Update departmental and university literature regarding program requirements, transfer policies, admissions requirements, and other academic information \r\n•Coordinate with ATC on work schedule to ensure proper coverage of UB Theatre & Dance front office.\r\n• Assist ATC with collecting and maintaining information from faculty/staff including: current syllabi, CVs, phone and address lists, and office hours. \r\n• Maintain listserv for both students and fac/staff", "•Schedule and hold advisement sessions with all undergraduate majors each semester, with follow-up as needed.\r\n•Change student status from intended to approved and major/minor concentrations as needed. \r\n•Review student transcripts to ensure prerequisites have been met for majors and minors. \r\n•Force register students as required. \r\n•Review degree applications; advise Degree Auditor on students' progress; provide information to assist faculty decisions on conferral of departmental honors. \r\n•Support on campus departmental auditions as needed", "• Create and maintain student files. Monitor student enrollment and progress.\r\n• Communicate deadlines to students. \r\n• Assist with paperwork for transfer credits, probation, etc. \r\n• Assist in the scheduling of master projects thesis defense and qualifying exams. \r\n• Assist students with timely submission of conferral paperwork. \r\n• Update graduate student handbooks and curriculum checklists.", "• Work closely with Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and Director of Undergraduate Studies to strategically plan departmental courses and scheduling. \r\n•Update course scheduling information in HUB each semester.\r\n•Work with central scheduling on course needs, exam scheduling, course and catalog updates as needed.\r\n•Coordinate scheduling and course offerings with undergraduate curriculum office.", "•Supervise the Staff Assistant position, this includes reviewing and approving timesheets, preparing and processing of performance programs and appraisals in a timely manner, and provide training and support."]

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