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Emergency Drill Coordinator/Fire Safety Inspector

Buffalo, New York ~ April 26, 2021

["a. Coordinates and manages building-wide emergency evacuation drills according to the parameters and frequencies established in the NYS Fire Code.\r\nb. Organizes and communicates with building contacts and occupants to ensure that evacuation drills are appropriately scheduled and conducted in a manner that avoids significant disruption to normal operations.\r\nc. Conducts evacuation drills, as required by code, during various periods of building occupancy including both within and outside of normal University work hours.\r\nd. Coordinates with University Facilities electricians involved in activation and reset of fire alarm systems for the purposes of the emergency drill.\r\ne. Provides assistance in development and training in building evacuation plans to faculty, staff, and students.\r\nf. Documents the emergency drills conducted, and directs critique sessions with building occupants to review problems and establish corrective actions.", "a. Coordinates scheduling and access facilitation of the annual OFPC inspection. Contacts building representatives to schedule inspections to lessen the impact on the campus departments and personnel. \r\nb. Interacts with OFPC officials and inspectors and escorts them on campus inspections. Communicates with various campus groups to ensure violations are appropriately corrected.\r\nc. Documents Fire Code violations and reports them to building occupants or Facilities Operations for corrective action. Follows-up with building occupants on status of violations on a regular basis.\r\nd. Maintains records related to fire code compliance including the maintenance of databases to track building evacuation drills and NYS Fire Code related issues.\r\ne. Coordinates installation of final Compliance Certificates for public posting as required by the Fire Code.\r\nf. Assists lab inspection team with issues related to fire safety in the laboratories as requested.", "Coordinates acceptance testing and inspection schedule of newly installed fire safety systems:\r\na. Works with outside consultants and vendors to ensure systems are installed in accordance with contact documents and the fire code.\r\nb. Reviews service contracts and agreements for compliance with fire code and NFPA inspection requirements.\r\nc. Works with other fire life safety staff members to conduct annual inspection testing and maintenance of all fire protection systems.", "a. Schedules inspection and coordination of campus hot work permit program for compliance with Chapter 35 of the New York State Fire Code.\r\nb. 14 of the Fire Code of New York. Reports inspection findings the site safety representative for compliance modification.\r\nc. Performs inspections and issuance of Campus Hot Work Permit Program. Provides weekly site inspection for compliance with program requirements. Report findings to the site safety representative and the requesting contractor and assists with corrective recommendations.", "5%\tAttends EH&S training sessions\r\na. Responds, under the direction of supervisor or UB incident commander to emergency calls and evaluates, contains, and cleans-up hazardous material releases.\r\n\r\nAdditional duties as assigned."]

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