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Job Search Strategies: "Six Degrees" to a New Job

Looking for connections to help your job search? Networking opportunities can be found in a variety of places. You never know which tip, connection or venue might lead to your next career opportunity. Be sure to consider these potential sources and utilize your connections.

  • Colleagues in your chosen profession
  • Career fairs and job expos
  • On-line job listings (Be sure to utilize niche sites)
  • Social Networking sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter (make sure they showcase your professionalism)
  • Professional associations
  • Faculty, Advisors & Alumni network at your university
  • College/Alumni Career Centers
  • Private and public placement agencies
  • Job postings at local organizations and companies
  • Friends and their family members and friends of friends

We asked our Corporate Recruiters: What's the most important advice you would give a Job candidate to gain the edge above the competition and get that interview?


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