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Stay Safe While Looking for a Job

These five tips to help you avoid the phishers and fraudsters and safely navigate through the pool of online job listings:

  • Do not disclose your Social Security Number.
  • Do not give out financial information.
  • Check the company's contact info and Web site.
  • Watch for indications that the listing is bogus - misspellings/bad grammar, email address not affiliated with the company's domain name, etc.
  • Be cautious of postings from overseas employers.

"The Internet has proven to be the best tool for finding a job," said JillXan Donnelly, President of The Career Exposure Network&trade. "However, far too many people are fooled by the promises of money for nothing and can be easily lured into a scam. We all need to keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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