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Summer Networking Opens Doors to Career Opportunities

CareerWomen.com Recommends Top Overlooked Summer Activities That Lead to New Jobs

Most job seekers consider summer as the "off season" for job hunting and place their career aspirations on hold until the fall. However, summer social gatherings, formal or casual, can provide the ultimate career boosting networking opportunities.

According to JillXan Donnelly, President of CareerWomen.com, "Summer events tend to be more casual so most job seekers don't consider them appropriate venues for networking. The most important thing to remember is that the rules of engagement are slightly different during the summer, but the results can lead to great opportunities."

How do you turn summer socials into career prospects? CareerWomen.com suggests the following tips for successful summer networking.

  1. First impressions count: Be mindful of the image you are projecting. Make sure you are well dressed, well groomed, and on your best behavior. Most importantly, don't forget your business cards.
  2. Be interesting and inquisitive: Summer barbecues and weekends at the beach are great for casual interactions. Remember to show a genuine interest in the person by asking open-ended questions that can lead to a great conversation.
  3. Be casual when following up: Summer is a great time to build your network, so follow up should be casual, not forceful. One "thank you" email or phone call is sufficient and can open the door to another point of contact at another time.

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