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The Top Five Activities That Every Professional Should Prioritize This Spring Include:

  1. Clean up Your Resume: Update the information in your resume to reflect your most recent experience. Consider creating several versions of your resume for a variety of career directions for easy retrieval and sending. Tailor your resume to the specific requirements of each position your are applying for, and remember to target your search and think "niche" as opposed to broad.
  2. Polish Your Interviewing Skills: While every interview is unique, some questions are to be expected. Questions regarding your relevant work experience, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and salary requirements are typically covered in every interview. Have prepared answers for these questions, and practice your delivery.
  3. Look for New Opportunities: Utilize and take advantage of both informational and virtual informational interviews by meeting and networking with people in your desired field. Ask for informational interviews because professionals often enjoy talking about themselves and what they know about the local business environment. Investigate niche sites such as MBACareers.com, CareerWomen.com and DiversitySearch.com to find opportunities that will fit your skills.
  4. Dust Off Your "Address Book": Time to update your contacts by reaching out. Be sure to touch base with friends, family and former colleagues. You never know who may give you a lead for an open position.
  5. Update Your Professional Look: Last, but not least, when you're out doing the interview rounds it is important that you look and dress professionally. If you can't remember the last time you purchased clothes for work, consider investing in a new business wardrobe.

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