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Will Your Female Employees Drop Out Of The Race?

With new jobs opening up, Employers & Recruiters face a new concern.

Newspaper reports indicate a potential labor shortage looms. The rising number of women opting out of the workplace could help drive that prediction to reality. CareerWomen.com conducted a recent QuickPoll of the Best Women Candidates and learned that 70 percent have opted out of the corporate world for three main reasons:

  1. To spend several years with the family
  2. To pursue non-profit or foundation work
  3. To work for the government

Perhaps more shocking, 62 percent do not intend to re-enter the corporate workforce.

Why is this happening?

One reason may be difficulty in balancing work life and home life. CareerWomen.com research also revealed that the majority of female employees work 40 to 50 hours and more than half struggle to manage their dual roles.

Another consideration may be a lack of appropriate mentors. Women seek guidance from both male and female professionals-gaining business skills like negotiating and management from men and supportive relationships from women.

For these reasons and more, CareerWomen.com impresses upon women the importance of finding employers that host dedicated diversity programs geared toward helping employees succeed professionally and, in turn, personally.

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