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Work/Life Balance a Key to Career Success

Viewers share their advice and strategies for helping to find work/life balance and how their employers can help.

Today's Career Women are continually challenged by the demands of full-time work and when the day is done at the office, it's off to more responsibilities and commitments at home. The majority of women respondents are working 40-50 hours per week and suggested these tools for achieving a more balanced life. High on the list were:

  • Leave work on time at least 3 days per week,
  • Control interruptions and distractions,
  • Delegate more,
  • Budget time more effectively, and/or have the option of Flex-time at work.

Why is work/life balance important? A happier, more satisfied workforce contributes to productivity and success at work.

We asked our Corporate Recruiters: After you have received a candidate's resume and they have applied for a position at your company, what can the candidate do to increase his/her chances of an interview at your company?

Workplace Diversity just makes Good Business Sense

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