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Workplace barriers inhibit minority professional advancement

Workplace barriers inhibit minority professional advancement. Today's companies have a strong commitment to diversity as a workforce imperative and a vital component of long-term success and growth. Yet, there remains a significant gap in how minorities see their work environment and the obstacles that are hindering their career advancement. According to a poll recently released by Diversity- Search.com, 89% responded that workplace barriers still exist. "Many corporations are actively seeking to recruit, hire and retain broad diversity talent. These invaluable professionals have diverse backgrounds, abilities, cultures, genders, ethnicities and experiences," said Jessica Owens of DiversitySearch.com "However, minorities are still clearly impacted by subtle barriers to advancement. They are looking to find opportunities with companies that are seeking, valuing and consistently rewarding contributions by all."

DiversitySearch.com candidates also report that they value corporate diversity and affinity programs, and use this as key criteria when considering employment opportunities. DiversitySearch.com polled site visitors and asked about their current job experience and if they felt minorities faced barriers to career advancement. The results are as follows: General stereotypes/preconceptions of minorities, 74%; Lack of minorities on Board of Directors, 58%. As for Executive Management: Corporate culture, 58%; Exclusion from informal networks, 53%; Placing barriers in their own way, 37%.

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